The Best Housekeepers in Houston

Looking for the best housekeepers in Houston? Clean Arte offers in-house maid services in Houston, Texas. Our Houston housekeepers are responsible for making sure all assigned areas of the home are clean, neat, and tidy. Our housekeepers will clean and maintain a private residence or even a commercial building to make sure that it meets any housekeeping sanitation requirements (for commercial buildings, such as health care facilities, restaurants,and government agencies) and provide a comfortable space for residents.

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Houston Housekeeping Includes:​

  • Dusting and polishing furniture and fixtures
  • Cleaning and sanitizing toilets, showers/bathtubs, counter tops, and sinks
  • Maintaining a clean and sanitary kitchen area
  • Making beds and changing linens
  • Washing windows
  • Vacuuming and cleaning carpets and rugs
  • Sweeping/vacuuming, polishing, and mopping hard floors
  • Sorting, washing, loading, and unloading laundry
  • Ironing clothing items
  • Using any cleaning equipment such as vacuums, mops, and other cleaning tools
  • Keeping bathrooms stocked with clean linens, toiletries, and other supplies
  • Cleaning mirrors and other glass surfaces
  • Emptying trash receptacles and disposing of waste
  • Washing or dusting blinds
  • Tidying up rooms
  • Monitoring cleaning supplies
  • Reporting any necessary repairs or replacements
  • Customize by the client

Houston Housekeeping Includes:​

You simply pay us for the days/time you use one of our Houston housekeepers weekly and we do the rest!

  • We cover all of the employee cost and responsibilities
  • We thoroughly background check all of our employees
  • We handle employee attendance and off days (substitutions optional)
  • We are responsible for the housekeepers arriving at your location
  • We manage the employees performance and training
  • We are Bonded & Insured

Housekeeping Pricing

  • Competitive prices much lower than maid services
  • Packages starting at 5 man hours (Minimum) once per week
  • Full week packages available (5-hour Minimum per day)
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