Check List

Entire Home Regular Cleaning Top-To-Bottom Deep Cleaning
Sinks, faucets & vanity-tops cleaned & sanitized
Vanity mirrors cleaned & polished
Tub/shower & tiles scrubbed & sanitized
Glass shower doors cleaned and polished
Toilets scrubbed & sanitized
Floor vacuummed, mopped & desinfected
Towels foldes and displayed
Cabinets dusted
Medicine Cabinet Cleaned (outside)
Wastebaskets emptied, disposed of and reline
Open shelving dusted
Light fixtures hand washed
Tub/shower & tiles double scrubbed for build up & sanitized
Cabinets & hardwares wiped
Open shelving wiped
Entire Home Regular Cleaning Top-To-Bottom Deep Cleaning
Ceiling fans & light fixtures dusted
Blinds, window sills, & lock ledges dusted
Moldings & woodwork dusted
Baseboards dusted
Lamps & lampshades dusted
Pictures & knick-knacks dusted
Furniture dusted
All Cabinet fronts dusted
All Doors wiped
Fixtures dusted
Wastebaskets emptied/reline
Beds made, 1 set of sheets changed
Stairs cleaned (carpet vacuumed or wood dusted)
Floors vacuumed &/or mopped
Ceiling fan blades wiped (within 3-step ladder reach)
Light fixtures hand washed in place/not removed (within 3-step ladder reach)
Cobwebs removed
Blinds & shutters (vacuumed, not washed)
Moldings, woodwork and window sills washed or wiped
Furniture wiped or polished (fronts, sides and legs)
Baseboards (hand washed or wiped, reachable w/out moving furniture)
Pictures & knick-knacks (hand wiped)
Uncluttered shelves (hand wiped)
All Doors and door frames washed or wiped
Light switch plates wiped
Mirrors cleaned and wiped
Wastebaskets washed
Vacant homes: drawers, empty shelves, inside cabinets wiped clean
All Doors and door frames cleaned and wiped
Entire Home Regular Cleaning Top-To-Bottom Deep Cleaning
Kitchen counter tops washed & sanitized
Kitchen back-splashes washed & sanitized
Stove top & drip pans scrubbed
Sinks & faucets cleaned & sanitized
Microwave interior cleaned
Refrigerator, oven & dishwasher exteriors cleaned & sanitzed
Top of refrigerator dusted
Cabinet exterior & hardware wiped
Floors professionally vacuumed &/or mopped
Kitchen mats & rugs cleaned
Towels folded and re-hung
All kitchen granite counter tops cleaned and polished
Wastebaskets emptied and re-lined
Wastebaskets emptied and re-lined
All Cabinet fronts cleaned and wiped
Top of refrigerator cleaned and wiped
Reachable windows (inside only) cleaned
Hardwood floor cleaned and Bona applied
Trash can interior washed / disinfected
Light switches and outlets cleaned


  • Clean inside the refrigerator or oven or toaster ovens
  • Clean or sweep out garage or patio
  • Clean exterior windows

  • We provide all of our own cleaning products and they are eco-friendly.
  • We do utilize some industrial strength products on an as-needed basis.
  • We also use our own trash bags when emptying trash cans
  • We use our own floor cleaning/finishing products and our own vacuum's etc that are needed for the job.
  • Our crews are professional trained in the Jeff Campbell House Cleaning Method for efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Our agents have been background checked and are of the highest integrity.
  • We are insured.
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